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As featured in: THE TIMES, Evening Standard, BBC, London Build, New York Build.

Build landmarks, not landscapes!

We all recognise the feeling when a building strikes a chord within us.

We all admire those buildings which stand out for the right reasons, elegant and confident in their originality.

But equally, we all know examples where this isn’t the case.

What is the secret of success?

What separates eye catching individuality from awkward eyesore?

Debbie Flevotomou talks about architecture with a difference. She has enthralled audiences from New York to Casablanca, communicating her passion for parametric design and bringing her unique perspective to students and professionals alike.

Debbie has been awarded 41 international design awards and her work has been featured in a range of publications including the Times, the Evening Standard, London Build and New York Build. She has lent her expertise to projects large and small and has judged art competitions on the BBC.

Debbie is the managing director of Debbie Flevotomou Architects, the artistic director of London Ballet Theatre and an artist obsessed with beautiful design!

“The job of an artist is to offer a Sanctuary of Beauty to an ugly World” - Jeff Goins


When Debbie is not designing, she spends her spare time coaching and giving speeches about her favourite topic.

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  1. Awards & Achievements



Most Influential woman in Architecture, Winner, CV magazine Awards 2019 #

Most Innovative architect of the year, Winner, Corporate Livewire #

Innovative award for civic architectural design, Winner, M&A Awards 2019 #

Architecture Advisory Firm of the Year, Winner, LA Worldwide #

Award for Sustained Excellence in civic design, Winner, Build #

Award of Sustained Excellence in Civic Design, Winner, AI Global #

Most Innovative in Commercial Architecture, Winner, AI Global #

Architecture - Advisory Firm of the year 2018, Winner, M&A Awards #

Best High-End Commercial Architects, Winner, Corporate USA Awards #

Most Unique Architectural Practice, Winner, Corporate USA Awards #

Tower 42 Renovation project, Winner, Global Awards #

Best Redesign project Tower 42, Winner, USA Today #

Best specialist Architectural practice & Best UK redesign project Tower 42, Winner, Global 100 #

Innovation Award for civic architectural designs London UK, Winner, Global 100 #

Best High-End Commercial Architect 2017, Winner, Global 100 #

Best high-end commercial architect 2018, Winner, Build Magazine #

Best UK Redesign project - Tower 42,2018, Build magazine #

Civil architecture design - London,2018 #

Finest hi-end commercial architect, 2018, cv magazine #

Best hospitality architecture project 2017 , architecture awards #

Female business excellence award in architecture, 2017 #

Honourably mentioned at American Architecture Prize #

Best Architecture Single Residence London, 5* Award, Winner, International Property Awards, 2018 #

Best in Commercial Architecture 2017, Winner, Architecture Awards 2017 Corporate Livewire #

Most Unique Architectural Practice 2017, Winner, UK Business Awards #

Architectural design of the year 2017, Short-listed, London Construction Awards #

Architecture Advisory Firm of the year UK -2017, Winner, M&A Awards 2017 Finance Monthly #

CEO Awards 2017, Winner, CEO Awards #

Best Specialist Architectural Practice - England & Best UK Redesign Project: Tower 42, London, 2017, Winner, Build Infrastructure Awards #

Luxurious Developments in the UK 2017, Winner, Build Awards #

Game Changers Awards 2017, Winner, GC Awards #

Luxurious development in the UK Award 2016, awarded 2017 #

Most Outstanding In Commercial Architecture UK 2016, Winner, Architecture Awards 2016 Corporate Livewire #

Female Architect of the year UK 2016, Winner, Build Women #

Best High-End Residential Architects 2016, Winner, Build #

ProjeCt design of the year 2016 - Short-listed, London Construction Awards #

Innovation Award for Civic Architectural Design 2016, Winner, Infrastructure Awards #

Most Innovative Architectural Start-Up 2016, Winner, Innovation & Excellence Awards 2016 #

Best High-End Commercial Architects 2015-2016, Winner, Architecture Awards 2015, Build #

1st prize - winning entry competition for a residential project in China, 2014, Lucheng Real Estate Co. Ltd #

1st prize - winning entry competition #


2. Conferences & Talks


Architecture and unlimited possibilities, teaching, coaching, student competition and awards, 13/05/2019 -16/05/2019, Vilnus university, Lithuania #

Architecture - Concept & Unlimited Possibilities, Speech and design competition, 12/03/2019, New York Build 2019 #

Architecture - Concept & Unlimited Possibilities, Speech and design competition, 13/03/2019, New York Build 2019 #

Building the world’s tallest skyscraper in London, 24/10/2018, London Build 2018 #

Be an architect for an hour, speech and design competition, 23/10/2018, London Build 2018 #

Judge, 23/10/2018, London Construction Awards, London Build 2018 #

Tall buildings: How to change the ordinary to extraordinary , speech and design competition, 19/03/2018, New York Build 2018 #

Internal influence of African Designers, 23/11/2017, Casablanca #

Tall buildings: How to change the ordinary to extraordinary, 25/11/2017, London Build, London #

Start-chitecture, How to start your architectural company, 06/04/2017, London Southbank University #

High-end design event, 30/11/2016, Domus, Oxford Circus, London #

International Influences on US Design, 01/09/2016, Cancun Mexico #

The future of Battersea and Nine Elms, 05/05/2016, London Southbank University #

The future of form, 26/06/2018, St Gobain Centre, London #

XMAS and the City, 09/12/2014, St Gobain Centre, London #

RIBA & V&A Partnership, 18/07/2013, , London Southbank University #

Organic Form Architecture: is the world changing? 03/03/2014, , London Southbank University #

The future of Battersea, 26/07/2012, London Southbank University #

Photoshop Revealed, 04/10/2011, London Southbank University #

Battersea Power station speech, 21/07/2011, London Southbank University #

Sustainability on trial, 19/04/2011, London Southbank University #


Student Awards of Excellence 2016 organiser and Chair-lady, 28/06/2016, London Southbank University #

Student Awards of Excellence 2015 organiser and Chair-lady, 30/06/2015, London Southbank University #

Student Awards of Excellence 2014 organiser and Chair-lady, 18/06/2014, London Southbank University #

Student Awards of Excellence 2013 organiser and Chair-lady, 18/06/2013, London Southbank University #

Student Awards of Excellence 2012 organiser and Chair-lady, 28/06/2012, London Southbank University #

Student Awards of Excellence 2011 organiser and Chair-lady, 28/06/2011, London Southbank University #



3. Debbie’s CV


Debbie became the chairlady of South london architects riba the same year she got qualified as a chartered architect. SHE GOT RE-ELECTED FOR 6 YEARS AFTERWARDS.




DEBBIE’SBALLET COMPANY expanded to 16 dancers during the first semester. the dancers are PERFORMING “ORIGINAL” CHOREOGRAPHIES WITH ONLY LIMITED REHEARSAL TIME and extraordinary results. all performances profits are being donated to a charity.

Multi-award winning architect Debbie Flevotomou founded the practice, Debbie Flevotomou Architects in 2011, after working for Foster+Partners for more than half a decade, and they really stand out from others as all their designs are parametric: beautiful designs.  

Thanks to Debbie’s unique and artistic adoption of this style, she has been compared to her hero, Zaha Hadid by Build Magazine and other major publications. A ballerina, ballet choreographer and ballet company owner, Debbie has an in-depth understanding of positive, beautiful spaces which has resulted in inspiring some striking and futuristic creations in her architecture. Specialising in luxury retail, hotels, mix-used, restaurants and residential projects, the company has even designed a Beautiful yacht. Debbie’s aim is to create a Happy Building, based on the real design principles that gives people a happy feeling!

She has recently been working as a judge for BBC’s Celebrity Big Painting Challenge, her project was featured in December in Evening Standard newspaper. Her profile was featured at the Times newspaper in January 2019 and is a regular speaker on topics of beautiful design, positive spaces and tall buildings at leading industry events.

Awards include: Best–High End Commercial architects, Female Architect of the Year, a 5* International Property Award and commendations from the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize™. The renovation of Tower 42 – still at concept design – has been awarded nine design awards at just the concept stage.

Debbie’s second passion is dancing. Through her other company ‘London Ballet Theatre’, Debbie puts some first class dance performances in order to raise money for Charities. Classical and contemporary ballets are prepared each year for a world class audience in major London Theatres.


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