Debbie is thoroughly against the “negative” modern art. By negative art, we mean the pieces in Tate Modern that are aiming to shock the audience, to make them trembled, to promote negative emotions. The pieces that are like bad news.

Debbie believes that art should teach about a moment in time and raise awareness via the medium of beauty. Beautiful designs, like a Renaissance painting, can have the same or even better affect on peoples’ minds rather than some cacophonic shocking piece.

Art was/is/will be there to educate, but through the modern art years, art turned ugly and difficult and problematic. With the positive, happy design, art can educate while creating an WOW affect. The same apply to all forms of art including architecture and dancing.

Almost every single of Debbie’s designs have been awarded from the biggest publications in the world.

Debbie is a great believer of:

“The job of an artist is to offer a Sanctuary of Beauty to an ugly World”
— Jeff Goins

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