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Debbie’s lectures and speeches are usually based on the unlimited possibilities of beautiful design. Looking at the history, looking at present and the best way to influence and create a better Happier future. But what defines the lectures and make them unique, is usually the interactive part. The audience is (almost always)being asked to build a model and showcase what the speech taught them. The model-making usually takes 10-15mins and depending on the audience, the audience is presenting too. There are usually 3 big winners going home with a certificate of design excellence!

The interactive part of the speech is based on the Architectural crits during the architecture course. The aim is to engage the audience from the beginning and inspired them to create. The results are usually mind-blowing. People from diverse professions are producing astonishing results in a short amount of time.

For the University courses, the same exercise is a week long. Design tutorials are also part of the exercise and aiming to develop the best design concept and in some case the “larger” model. As for the public, the students love a challenge and a design award!

Debbie is giving speeches since 2011 on a regular basis in Universities and Conferences across the Globe.

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