Beautiful design is the company’s main focus and the new way of designing. Focusing on positive spaces that generate joyful Feelings, Debbie’s clients are individuals or companies that would like to put their stamp in the world by creating a building/art installation that breaks free from the simple boxes.

For decades the scientists were looking for the reasons why people are getting depressed. They were looking for the negative aspects, the ugly truths. It is only in the recent years that scientists started to analyse happiness. What makes people happy? How happiness, beauty and joy can improve peoples’ lives? The new course at Harvard on how to be happy and is THE most popular course at the moment.

Part of happiness connects with beauty. When people see something they like, they say: Oh,WOW, this is Beautiful. It gives them this happy, positive,thrilled feeling. Architecture is contributing to make people happy not only by the space analysis but also via the medium of design.

If you would like to know more about how architecture is contributing to happiness, please join one of Debbie’s speeches or if you are looking for architects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Beyond that, the projects represent the creation of any landmark that is the making of an area. It is the best way to kick-start the area regeneration and draw in more investment. It benefits the local people and the wider public, and this is the ongoing focus for the company going forward.

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